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Specialist Coatings

Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered. We pride ourselves on being your perfect paint partner for your entire project – from start to finish. Whether you’re a home decorator or a contractor, our expertise and support will help you complete your project confidently and profitably, with a smile.

We proudly serve the following industries and offer tailor made discounts and industry-leading products:

  • Construction, Renovation & Development
  • General Business
  • Body Corporates, Housing and High Rise residential, Schools & Hospitals
  • Specialist Painting Contractor (corrosion, remediation, Protective coating)
  • Steel Fabrication and Restoration
  • Protective Coatings for floors and roofs
  • Shop fitters, Cabinet and Kitchen Manufacturers

Interior Paint

We stock and distribute a wide range of interior paint including Dekade, Dulux and Plascon. Perfect for every pocket and every application. Visit one of our stores and speak with one of our experts to see which is right for you.


Exterior Paint

We specialise in exteriors too, offering nothing but the best from Dekade, Dulux and Plascon. Our highly trained staff will help you find just what you need to make your project a success. Visit one of our stores to learn more about what the best exterior paint is for you.


Industrial + Protective coatings

We have an extensive portfolio of specialist products and coatings and the expertise required to help support you in your project, no matter your industry. From architectural paints and stains to specialist floor coatings to industrial speciality finishes – we’ve got you covered. Our staff will visit your facility and consult with you to ensure you have the right products for your project.


A standard of excellence achieved with high-quality paints and stains for your construction project begins with us.These include:

  • Dulux & Dulux Trade
  • Dekade, Gold Label and Decorator’s Touch
  • Simply Colour
  • Rock Grip and Berger-Master
  • Plascon & Plascon Professional

Proud stockist and distributor of a wide range of paints

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When is the best time to paint the exterior of my house?

June or July when there is no or little rain. Paint between 09h00am and 14h00pm, to allow the paint to dry before rains or dew.

What type of paint is best for cupboards?

Low Gloss or Sheen Enamel. Dulux Pearl Glo or Dekade Satin Magic water based, or solvent based.

Can I apply paint to a brick surface?

Yes, Prime the bricks with plaster primer. Allow to dry and apply 2 coats of good quality PVA (Low Sheen Dulux or Dekade).

What are the most common painting mistakes?

– poor preparation.
– Using low quality products – paint as well as tools.
– Not using a primer.
– Only using one coat of paint.
– Loading the brush and roller with too much paint.
– Not stirring the paint properly (with flat paddle) before use.

Can I just paint over old paint?

– If it is peeling or flaking it needs to be sanded down, sealed with a primer. (bonding liquid)and then 2 coats of paint applied.
– If in sound condition, the walls must be washed with sugar soap prior to painting.
– If painting over a darker colour with a light shade, its best to use on coat of universal undercoat before applying the light shade.

How do I choose the best paint sheen?

You need to look at the smoothness of the plaster. Matt of Low Sheen finish is recommended if the wall is rough.

What paint should I use in a bathroom?

For rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens, specialist products like Dekade Bathroom paint is required. You require a paint that is stain, steam, chip, scratch and mould resistant in bathrooms and kitchens.

Can I paint over wall tiles?

Yes you can. Tiles need to be washed with sugar soap (especially in bathroom and kitchen). First wash with clean water, then paint with tile primer before painting with a poly urethane paint.

How Long must I wait for new plaster to dry?

3-4 week (depending on weather condition)  hotter the weather, plaster generally dries faster.  The colder the weather plaster will take longer to dry.

Should I paint PVA Straight on the dry plaster?

Yes, you can but we recommend using a plaster primer as it is alkali resistant. This means it penetrates and seals the wall and provides adhesion for a premium quality top coat.

What is the difference between universal under coat and plaster primer?

A universal undercoat is known as an intermediate coat.  This means it is a general purpose product that goes over primer to give the coating build. Plaster primer is a preventative sealer which means it provides adhesion and is alkaline resistant. 

Can I paint my floor with road marking paint?

No, you cannot use road marking paint on your floors as it has been specifically formulated for roads/tar only. It is used to paint Lines of 150mm only.

What is the Coverage of paint?

Water based paint (PVA) and enamel generally cover 8m² per litre (depending on surface porosity).  

Fine texture paint covers 4-6m² per litre.

How can I stop Lap Marks?

Use a good quality Rox Roller for wall and ceilings.  Rox Roller handle is centered and prevents the edges of the roller to leave marks.