Manipulating your interior spaces with colour.

Manipulating your interior spaces with colour.

We’ve all been there, relaxing at home, feeling inspired and then it hits you, your space is ready for a bit of a shakeup. Sure, you can decide on just another new colour, maybe an update of accents or trims, but what about actually considering a complete transformation? Why not put a dark colour in a smaller room, or use accents that are bold, and neutral at the same time? Let’s take a look at three things to consider when you want to create a new feeling in an existing space.

One. Go Big, go Lighter.

In small living spaces it can be tough to have nice things without your spaces looking cluttered. To counterbalance this, light and airy colours can add perceived space, especially if you stick to a single hue across your wall, ceiling and floor surfaces. Different shades of the same colour will help expand the space while creating a seamless look – which can easily be accessorised with your favourite pieces of furniture. Lighter tones work well at expanding space thanks to their reflective, and subsequently illuminative, properties as light can travel further into your home.

Featured colour: Sandy Beige by Simply Colour. Available online or in-store.

Two. Go Bigger, go dark.

This is contrary to logic, however a dark top coat isn’t all that goes into painting a room a darker colour. There are undercoats that need to be considered, because the right light undertone to a dark shade will help to blur the edges of your walls, also making the space feel more expansive, while being more dramatic, and intimate.

Featured colour: Muted Blue-Grey by Simply Colour. Available online or in-store.

Three. Go up, Create height.

Whether you live in an older building with higher ceilings, or a more modern building with standard ceilings, there are a few simple tricks you can employ to enhance your living spaces. Creating horizontal breaks and accents will help a ceiling look higher, whilst you can also use lighter colours on your walls, ceilings and even floors to expand the space vertically.

So if you feel the itch, think about what you would like to feel in the room you are redoing and consider whether it needs a bit of trickery to either make it seem bigger, or higher. Remember that light colours will always expand spaces, but on the other hand you can achieve similar results with darker tones used the right way.

Featured colour: Sandy Beige (Ceiling) and Cool Beige (Wall) by Simply Colour. Available online or in-store.