The Transformative Potential of Wallpaper

Get the Wow Factor with Wallpaper

It is often said that paint offers the most “bang for your buck”. If this is true, then wallpaper offers you the most stylish bang for your buck in ways that a new paint colour cannot.

No matter who you are or what your design style is, there’s a wallpaper for you. So if you’re considering wallpapering a space to transform and uplift it, then read on for insights, tips and advice.

Why Wallpaper?

Wallpaper is a relatively easy-to-install décor tool that can transform most living and working spaces in an impactful way. Choose a wallpaper design that helps to tell a story in a room, brings it to life, complements existing décor elements and invites people in to enjoy the space. Wallpaper can also be viewed as art, so use it to express your individual creativity and style.

Here are four more reasons to use wallpaper in your home or workspace:

  1. Wallpaper elevates a room in a way that paint can’t always achieve

Wallpaper has more style options than paint. There are so many different kinds of designs, colours, patterns and textures that can enhance the aesthetic of a space vividly and viscerally, and paint simply can’t deliver the same effect. Looking for good quality wallpaper to suit your personal style? Shaves Paint + Décor offer a diverse range of excellent wallpaper options, find your nearest store here.

  1. Easy to maintain and clean

Many modern wallpapers are designed to be durable and washable, making them easier to maintain and clean compared to painted walls. Check the label of your wallpaper to see how to clean it. Use a mild detergent with water and a sponge (make sure it’s not too abrasive), and squeeze out the sponge so it’s damp and not soaking wet. Check out our symbols table below for more info.

  1. Versatility

Wallpaper can be used in various ways, including covering all walls, creating feature walls, lining shelves, stairs, cabinets, or drawers, or even decorating ceilings. This versatility makes it an inspiring, but also practical, design element. Read on for more wallpaper ideas.

  1. Changeable and easy to remove and apply

Unlike paint, which requires repainting (of 2 to 3 layers) to change the colour or design, wallpaper can be relatively easy and time-efficient to remove and replace should you decide to update your room’s look. This is especially convenient with children’s rooms, which need more frequent updating as your child grows and their tastes and interests change. Innovation in wallpaper technology has meant that it no longer takes hours to scrape off glue or to apply it. Visit any Shaves store and one of our experts will guide you to an accredited installer.

What Wallpaper to choose?

When choosing wallpaper for a room or a feature wall, it is essential to consider the type of wall the wallpaper will be applied to, the type of room and what it’s used for, and certainly the characteristics of the wall covering you are drawn to, to ensure it will be a suitable choice. This is where the wallpaper symbols in all sample books are very important.

Wallpaper symbols and what they mean

Choosing a style

It’s important to come into one of our stores in KwaZulu-Natal or Gauteng and chat to one of our consultants about wallpaper styles, accredited installers, and any other information you need.

One of our expert décor consultants based at our Umhlanga Branch says this, “Each person’s perception of ‘busy wallpaper’ is different, and it’s our power of suggestion with the aid of displays and product knowledge that are instrumental in guiding customers in their selection process. Our latest wallpaper display works well with modest or minimalist interiors needing a lift of colour and pattern for the new season.”

We look forward to helping you choose the perfect wallcovering that will transform your space.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I need?

Wallpaper information often gives the square meterage the roll will cover. However, this does not take into account the pattern matches, wall height and wastage (of which there will always be). There is also a misconception that doors and windows use less wallpaper, they almost always do not. So, let your installer do the final calculations. There are also online wallpaper calculators that you can use to get an estimate to plan your budget, this is one we recommend

Are my walls ready for wallpaper?

Before you consider installing wallpaper anywhere in your home or office, your walls will need to be in good shape. In fact, any successful application depends on 3 things: preparation, preparation, preparation! Walls need to be as smooth as possible, painted with a single colour primer and PVA and free of mould and dampness. Our top tip: always use a similar colour PVA to the wallpaper to ensure the joins are less noticeable.

Can I wallpaper over wallpaper?

The simple answer is no, we do not recommend this at all. The longer explanation is: the tension created by the new layer on top of the old will cause the original to fail or bubble badly. This results in the new wallpaper looking terrible. Just don’t do it.

Can I wallpaper a bathroom?

This depends on what type of bathroom. If it’s a “wet” bathroom (where there’s lots of moisture and humidity) then you’ll need to choose a vinyl wallcovering that can withstand those elements. For a guest bathroom or guest toilet, you have a wider range of wallpaper options. These smaller spaces are ideal for wallpaper to make a statement and impress your guests.

Other Wonderful Wallpaper Ideas

Wallpaper gives an instant designer touch to any space, but it can also be used on other surfaces and for other things too.

Here are five ideas to transform basic things in your home into stylish décor items using leftover wallpaper:

  1. Table Runner:

Hosting a dinner party? Use a leftover strip of wallpaper to create a fabulous and functional table runner that will impress your guests. Make matching napkin rings by cutting thin strips of the same wallpaper and glueing the ends together.

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  1. Shelf and draw liners:

Cut leftover wallpaper to fit the space. It will bring a usually unnoticed area to life. If it’s subjected to wear and tear, then apply a clear sealant. 

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  1. Stepping stool steps:

Style is in the small details too, so cut wallpaper to fit the steps, and apply a clear sealant to protect from wear and tear.

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  1. Upcycle old tins:

Don’t throw out old tins, reuse and upcycle them for storage, but transform them into chic décor pieces by covering them with wallpaper.

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  1. Convert clipboards:

For your home office, add a little on-fleek fun and cover the base of the clipboard with wallpaper.

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Got any questions?

We cover the most Frequently Asked Questions about wallpaper and how to install it here. However, for any other queries, tips or burning questions, you can also contact us.

Wow us with your Wallpaper Work of Art

We hope this article helped and inspired you. Once you’ve updated your home or office by applying wallpaper, please share your décor ideas and success stories with us.