Colour Us Calm

Colour us calm.

Life is tough enough, you don’t need to add any additional stress to your world, so we’ve taken the liberty of compiling a list of three colours to help you transform any room into a space to relax in. Having a sanctuary in your home to retreat to can be a real lifesaver, being able to unplug, unwind and escape from the fast-paced modern world is important.

One. Corals.

Corals and pinks are fantastic choices to transform any room into a peaceful, calming space. Whether you prefer your pinks a little dusty, or your corals bright and unapologetic, these colours will add a dash of vibrancy to any room, and what could be more perfect, than beautiful summer light cascading through a brightly coloured room? Think of all the beautiful colours of coral reef you’ve seen, imagine how a room adorned in those colours, accentuated by other calming colours, even those below, would create a space you want to spend time in.

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Two. Yellows.

Yellow is a fantastically versatile colour, whether it’s a bright tone, or a more subdued hue, there’s a shade of yellow to match all tastes. Keep in mind that if you do select a bold yellow for a room, that you will need to balance the brightness with more contrasted accessories. This will ensure the whole room looks and feels vibrant and relaxing, whilst not being too busy or overwhelming to the senses.

Featured colour: Light Yellow by Simply Colour. Available online or in-store.

Three. Greys.

Greys are great at allowing you to maintain an understated look, whilst simultaneously allowing you to choose a variety of undertones, whether they’re warm, cool or neutral. These hues all allow your accessories and decor to shine, so if you have a room you would like to make a little bit more tranquil by adding some neutrality to it, our top tip is to be clever with the undertones you pick! Light grey with warmer undertones will be very soft on your eyes and will make the space feel inviting and calm. 

One theme you will be able to see straight away is the connection of the colours above to nature and how incorporating those tones and hues can bring those emotions and feelings into your own space. Natural colours are, naturally, more calming and tranquil as a result of our emotional connection to the natural world, and being aware of that is pretty Zen, too.

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